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Community Events

Special events held in Copperfield

Please see the Calendar for 2019 event dates

Copperfield Trash Pickup Schedule for 2019

Also Frederick Co Recycling Schedule for 2019

Copperfield Trash and Recycling Guide 2019.pdf
Frederick Co Recycling Schedule for 2019.pdf


Copperfield Residents

You should have received a mailing from Jefferson Property Management with information regarding dues for 2019. The first payment of $198 is due 1/1/2019 and will be considered late if not received by the property manager by 1/30/2019. The second payment of $198 is due 7/1/2019 and will be considered late if not received by the property manager by 7/30/2019. For your convenience there are two payments coupons enclosed with your mailing. If you wish, you can pay the $396 total amount due at once. If you did not receive this mailing, please contact our property manager at 301-969-0104.

From the Board

Reminders from the Copperfield HOA Board

Please remember not to place your trash out before 7:00 PM the night before pick up. Also remember to secure any materials that might blow out of your cans or recycle bins. We want to eliminate the papers & plastic bottles that are being found along our streets.

For a recent update on trash, recycling and yard waste pickup please review the Copperfield Trash and Recycling Guide found under the Calendar page.

Please read your Architectural Rules and Regulations. Any changes to the exterior appearance of your home will require the approval of the Architectural Control Committee. This includes things like fences, sheds, patios, decks, driveways, sidewalks, pools, screen doors, revising color schemes, and more. All requests should be submitted to Copperfield HOA c/o Jefferson Property Management. Please use the Architectural Change Request application found on the Documents page.

Overlook Park

Located on Newington Road

Overlook Park is open year round to all residence of Copperfield for non-commercial recreational activities to the members of their family and household guests.

Overlook Park is equipped with a walking path, benches, shelter, picnic table and grill. Please take advantage of these great facilities. Remember to always leave the park cleaner than when you arrived and be courteous of surrounding neighbors.

Any member desiring to use Overlook Park for an organized event (company party, charitable event, etc.) where more than twelve non-members are expected to attend are more than welcome to do so, but you need to obtain prior approval by the Board.